Greetings from home

Yes, it’s still me, Imbrium. The old blog is gone. So much has changed that I was considering a major overhaul on the old site anyway, and now that my obnoxious-as-fuck fundamentalist Christian relatives have started giving me shit on the other site, it’s time to move. They can’t make me leave the farm- it’s Mom’s and Dad’s and also, (haha in your face you small minded hypocritical cunt!) MINE.

Yes, this is an angry first post. No, I don’t think it will be a problem. Please share around with anyone else who might be interested in gods, goats and a baby gythia. It’s full steam ahead, from a different platform.


One thought on “Greetings from home

  1. Ack! I have fundamentalist Christian relatives and they are a pain in the ass. They thankfully haven’t found my Internet presence yet and I’m hoping it stays that way.

    Change: not always a bad thing. Goat header: win.

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