Holocron essays migrated and a few other notes

I am incapable of saving four years worth of verbose posts in a few pages here. It can’t be done. Instead I have taken a few of my favorites, a few of the most important to my path, and a few of the ones I really haven’t finished figuring out and added them to a stack of pages under the “Holocron” tab at the top. Here’s hoping they all work as planned because transferring all of that was a real bitch.

If you do not see your blog over on the side yet, please don’t panic. I have not gotten around to updating my blogroll and will probably have to borrow a better computer to do it. My laptop is ten years old and doesn’t like to talk to… well… much of anything, anymore. It’s tedious, to say the least.

A quick word about the picture at the top of the home page. The big red goat with the big curly horns is Grinder. Grinder is a full blood (unregistered but oh well) Kiko, and represents the hope of my future herd because of his outstanding genetics. I want to use him for a few years to have a whole bunch of half Kiko (and a few 3/4 Kiko since a have a couple of unrelated half-Kikos already) meat goats which I will then put to an as-yet-unpurchased second buck. Grinder says he completely cool with this as long as he gets to keep the grown up does I’ve already got for himself. “Grinder says” might become a feature.

I’ve given the link to this page to a couple of people and I’m hoping that it makes the rounds WITHOUT including any of my family. Here’s to a better future.


5 thoughts on “Holocron essays migrated and a few other notes

  1. Including a “Follow Blog Via Email” option will greatly enhance my ability to continue following your blog here. I rarely use the WordPress Reader because the email option is much more convenient.

    May this blog provide you with the freedom to continue writing interesting and original material. Blessed be.


    • I just discovered that “following” apparently provides email notifications automatically now. I also deleted the comment you left on my blog that led me here, so undesirables cannot trace this blog by that link.


      • Thanks for taking that extra step. I’m still working through adding the right options on this site. Arguing with an old computer is annoying as all hells. If I still need to add the email option I will, but it was the email option that was making things easy for the family to follow since none of them are on WordPress. I’ll add it if I need to.


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