Life goes on

As well as it ever could, I suppose. I’m overheated, dehydrated and my knees hurt and I really just don’t want to deal with anything right now. Still, we’ve gotten a fair bit done around here in the last week or so. The garden looks pretty good, it’s due to be mowed again. I’ve got a half gallon jar full of dried squash chips that get added to soups, reconstituted for omelettes and a while lot of other things through the winter. I feel pretty good about that. The pole beans are finally coming on and while not many survived the goats’ incursion those that did look good. We fixed up their trellis and they’ve got plenty of room to ramble. I pulled a couple of fresh cucumbers too. I love fresh cucumbers. I’m worried about my tomatoes and peppers, the peppers are struggling not to die in the heat but the tomatoes turned into a miniature jungle and tried choking themselves out. They had to be heavily pruned but they’re setting fruit finally, instead of just going crazy with foliage.

I have my big buck (whose handsome horns adorn the header of my blog) in the field with my does right now. If he performs his function, I should have kids hitting the ground in December. It’s not common practice but given how late or winters usually start and how well built the shed is, and how hardy the does are in the cold I think it’s worth the risk to have sellable weaned kids by Easter, and bigger older kids by summer/fall markets. The additional batch of does is set to arrive at the end of September or possibly early October, and they will be bred for more traditional March kidding. I have not yet decided if I will use my own big Kiko or my yearling Boer or one of the bucks that the herd is used to- one old, massive Oberhalsi and a mature rangy Nubian. I’m more interested in hardiness, parasite resistance, efficiency and meat production (in that order) than in maintaining a milk breed. Milk does under meat bucks make huge kids, but not always very efficient. Enter my prize Kiko. That’s the breed’s single biggest selling point, so here’s hoping it works according to my master plan.

I attended the inaugural meeting of the St Mary’s County pagan meetup group. I got to meet some great people and met one who I did not know was pagan. I’m beginning to think that there are more of us than even we realize. I think this group could accomplish impressive things.

It goes. I’m tired and overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I still haven’t done (the cabin needs a lot of work and I need to put up an entire third field with of fence before the new goats get here, among many other things) but things are… OK. Looking good, even. Just tired.


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