First Fruits

There are two pretty cool things coming up in the next week. There is a blue moon (well, depends on who you ask, but most will accept the common definition) and the feast of Lammas… Lughnasadh… First Fruits… Freyfaxi…

Whatever the fuck you call it.

Honestly, I’ve always thought of it as First Fruits and it gets celebrated as soon as the first round of edibles comes out of the garden. It’s long past, here. Still, I don’t mind having an excuse to party again. I’ve got jars full of dried squash and there are tomatoes and herbs drying right now. I’ve got beans set and a very healthy stand of carrots and beets to be dealt with before too much longer. In the early and slow-to-start way of the Chesapeake region, harvest is already underway.

Someone in our extended group is putting on a Blue Moon Party this weekend, toga not required. Should be a blast 🙂

At our last ‘let’s hang out and burn shit and drink’ event, we had a few new faces- or rather, faces that we’d met before but hadn’t had down to the farm. Two we met at other events and decided we liked them and the feeling was mutual. One I had known before- took EMT class with and ran many calls with and never knew they were pagan. That happens a lot down here, actually. I am beginning to realize that there are more of us even then we think. It is a good feeling.

There is another Interfaith Council meeting next week, and I anticipate several new faces. At the last St Mary’s County pagan meetup a few other people expressed interest in the still-in-its-infancy council. I hope that they will be able to make it to the meeting. I like the potential in the effort thus far.

You might say that other things are also starting to bear fruit. I have found even more people, we have made even more connections, and we’ve got a few more voices interested in being added to the still-new council. I don’t expect it to be a big thing, or to play on a national stage… but to know that there is a group of people here who will work with anyone, regardless of their beliefs, simply because they are human… is a great thing.

May the efforts of your life bear fruit as well.


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