Well, sort of. It’s a long story, but I have sold a goat!

The little runty buck who is, frankly, a terrible disappointment from a breeding perspective (I bought him because his parents were both very impressive animals but he’s undersized and kind of dumb. He’s a dud.) is going to pay back some of his board by becoming a freezer full of dinner.

Legally, I can only sell you an animal. That’s the rule. In order to sell meat I’d have to jump through so many bureaucratic hoops that I’d surely hang myself in the red tape. But I can sell you an animal because I have the space to raise the animals safely. Once the animal is yours you can do whatever you please with it and I just happen to know someone who is a good hand at butchering goats. Loophole. I shall exploit.

I sold a goat. I totally deserve a drink for that.


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