My weekend was so epic that I didn’t even notice Mercury turning retrograde.


But wait, you say, OBOD is a druid thing and you’re a heathen. What are you doing hanging out with the pacifist tree huggers? Well, I answer, drinking, telling stories, singing songs, drinking, eating good food, sharing wonderful energy, drinking, more singing and more story telling. You may notice a theme.

I was invited specifically by a good friend of mine, the Druid Drummer Dude, Sir Hex. He’s a pretty awesome human himself, and I have much love for him and for his beautiful Lady. Thanks to Hex’s invite, I met Druids (for ‘Druid’ read ‘poets/artists/bards/witches/magicians/shamans/scholars/healers/teachers/and/or sacred spirits’) who are ten times as awesome in person as they are from the other side of books or CDs. Here’s looking at y’all, Damh and Cerri and Kris and Christian- there were other amazing humans there but I only had so many hours available to really talk to anyone. Silly physics for being a thing.

Also, whoever made the call to invite the raptor rehab people, thank you because it was a fucking epic presentation. Golden Eagles are bigger than I realized and Saw-whet owls are too adorable to take seriously.

So why did I agree to go? I mean, I’m not a Druid (or an Ovate, although I might qualify as a bard within my own tradition) so what interest did this have for me?

All the interest of a creative, educated, open minded, open hearted, spiritually and magically aware being who just loves to meet epic, magical people and have an epic, magical weekend. Isolation breeds stagnation -and worse- boredom. Druid magic is subtle but profound- at least when it’s not being in your face, engaging and gloriously fun.

I consider Druids to be something like spiritual cousins. I love their songs and stories as much as I love our own. The overlap between our traditions is bigger than many Heathens seems to realize and the different practices are worthy of respect.

And they really know their mead.

Thank you to everyone who helped me get my self up to East Coast Gathering this year. Thank you to everyone at the Oak and Eagle Seedgroup who welcomed me into their camp and into their telling of tales. Thank you to the mead makers. Thank you to the bards and the storytellers and the magicians who made the weekend magical. Thank you for encouraging me to share a few of my own stories, and for appreciating my voice and energy in return.

Thank you, Druids of OBOD, for a truly out of this world weekend.


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