oh wait, there was an equinox

So I was having so much fun hanging out with druids, drinking fermented fluids and waltzing in the wooids (internet points to whomever gets that reference) that I totally didn’t even do my own equinox thing. Oddly enough, it seems to get overlooked by a lot of Heathens. Freyfaxi is sometime in late summer and there’s nothing until Winter Finding. But… I like equinox.

Because of my location, equinox is a better indicator of seasonal shift than some late August celebration. It’s the end of early harvest. The gardens are nearly spent but for winter squash. I picked dried beans yesterday. Apples are finally safe to harvest now that a few cold nights have driven the hornets away. The prices at the livestock markets have fallen to reflect the seasonal glut of goat and cattle culls.

I think… what I really want…. is for Heathens to get out of their books and accept that there is no overarching harvest festival. Around here, harvest is in full swing NOW, with a break for celebrations conveniently between the end of the summer fields and gardens and the beginning of culling herds. Harvest is now.

May yours bring you joy.


One thought on “oh wait, there was an equinox

  1. I like the Equinoxes, too. They are a place of balance between the light and dark halves of the annual cycles. It would appear that you are also finding some balance as you find joy and kinship with some fine souls. Your harvest should bring you joy. Blessed be.


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