St Mary’s Interfaith Council October Meeting Notes

I will keep this brief. I still haven’t done my post-Earthweaver’s bit yet.

We met in the Leonardtown library, the usual and preferred Lexington Park library having already been booked for this month. We got a late start because some folks got trapped in the increasingly awful traffic situation around the county seat. Too much traffic for the roads and getting worse.

The meeting revolved around two questions, each in their proper time. First, are our visions for this joint project accurately reflected in our current written charter? This question claimed the majority of our time and rightly so. It became clear to me that yes, we like what we’ve got written mostly because it’s very vague and we don’t really know what this interfaith venture is really going to become. Vagueness and uncertainty notwithstanding, we also agree that we are in a very important time and place to figure out, alongside capable and caring people, just what it is we need to do. The charter stands with minor alterations only to the opening language and the agreement that we believe we can, should, and will form any necessary statements by consensus.

The second question, then, was a relatively simple one. “What’cha doin?”

As it turns out, quite a bit. On the seventeenth if this month I’ll be attending (along with many others) the formal ordination and installation of a friend and teacher by the local Unitarian Universalist fellowship. Many deserved congratulations to everyone involved.

If any of my readers in southern Maryland are interested in volunteer training for W. A. R. M. this season, the next session is Saturday, October 17 from 1100-1200 at the Lexington Park United Methodist Church. Yes, heathens, I am aware that this program, which saves many lives and many EMS man-hours during the winter months, is started, run, and hosted by Christian churches. Please consider getting over it and helping out anyway. I intend to put my energy where my nine noble hypocrisies- uttering mouth is and actually DO hospitality this season.

There are many opportunities to empty out your wallet and/or pantry coming up. The Council is participating in the Snack Pack Program again, which some of you may remember from last year. I’ll have more information on that when my turn rolls around again. I would LOVE to be able to support one month’s collecting session purely from the pagan/heathen confederacy. We’ll see.

Last but not least for this installment (there are some separate flyers for other events that I will try to post later) if you have coats, blankets, it other items of warmth- ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE SIZED FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL KIDS they can be brought to The Church of the Ascension (21641 Great Mills Rd) Monday thru Thursday, 0830-1200. Seriously, for some reason they are always short on sizes for preteens. It got chilly last night. I know for a fact that some of the students I see at work have no fixed address (polite phrase for ‘are homeless’) and it’s likely to get worse.

It’s a lot. I know. Thus far everything mentioned this month are Christian orgs and some of you may not be comfortable. I know. Here’s my theory: becoming pagan made me look at humans a whole new way. Our value is real and inherent and I came to realize this in a way that, for whatever reason, Christianity never taught me. As I began to accept and embrace the fact that my pagan path has a strongly heathen bent, I also accept that my actions have power and there is an efficacy to my life that extends to all the worlds. This is my ‘why’ and you don’t have to do jack-all because of my ‘why.’ I’m asking you to find your own. And I’m asking you to help out.


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