Letter of Resignation

This broke my heart to write, but it is necessary for my health and sanity. Ulcers are a real bitch. It has already been sent to the correct people in my squad- my old squad now.

Effective whenever all of the dreaded paperwork gets dealt with, I am resigning from the Lexington Park Volunteer Rescue Squad. This decision has been a painful one, only arrived at after many months of struggling to fulfill too many obligations at once. Building even a small farm back up from years of neglect is a full time job. Working full weeks in the county schools to pay for that rebuilding is another full time job. That doesn’t even include constantly promoting myself as a competent, professional American Red Cross instructor or any of the other endeavours of which I have become- much to my own surprise- an important part. To put it bluntly, something had to give. As a Red Cross Instructor I feel that I am still providing a valuable skill to my community. As gythia and as a representative to the St Mary’s Interfaith Council I feel that I am still serving my community, albeit in a different capacity. What I have seen and done and learned in the last ten years riding ambulances is and will remain invaluable. More than that, I’m really, really going to miss you guys. I think we do it for free because you can’t really put a price on what we experience together. I’m not leaving the area any time soon. I’ll still be here and you’ll still be there. But it won’t be the same. It has been at times an honor and at other times a trial and I wouldn’t trade any of it away. Thanks, y’all. And good bye. Lynn Klug


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