A brisk and beautiful morning to all of you!

I feel accomplished as shit this morning. I actually woke up when the alarm went off (at 0520) instead of hitting snooze. You don’t even know how proud of myself I am for that.

I got up, fed the cat, made coffee, fed the goats, let the chickens out, fed the parrot, straightened the kitchen, re-blacked the stove, and then found out that I didn’t have to go to work today.

Yeah… the building which houses the half-feral stains upon the face of humanity that are my unfortunate students failed its water safety test. Coliform bacteria. So they brought out the water coolers that they KEEP IN THE CLOSETS NOW BECAUSE THIS SHIT KEEPS HAPPENING and shipped bagged lunches in from another facility. Then it failed the retest. So the kids were told not to come in today.

Coliform bacteria, for those who may be unaware, are a rather broad spectrum of bacteria most commonly found in the feces of warm blooded animals. There’s poo in the water. And we were drinking it all the way up until the end of the day when they announced the test results and broke out the water coolers.


So today I’m home. I’ve already done more in a morning than I’ve had time to in a long while. Perhaps I’ll use the day to get my self in order for the camping trip this weekend. We’re hanging out in western MD for the weekend. I’ll be cooking up some of the goat we slaughtered a few weeks ago and stashed in the freezer. It should be a good time.

As the sun slinks along behind the cloud cover and gray dawn gives way sullenly to gray day… I’m feeling pretty good. It helps that this is my favorite kind of gray chilly morning and my favorite time of year.

Have a beautiful one, everybody.


2 thoughts on “A brisk and beautiful morning to all of you!

    • I feel fine so far and the first failed test was Friday. Of course, it’s probably been building up for a while. The school is currently undergoing major reconstruction and the crews warned us coming in that if there were any weird things growing in the pipes we were about to find out the hard way. They were right.

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