PSAs for the month of November!

Who am I kidding, there will probably be more. It’s becoming my thing and it’s actually not that terrible. There are two big opportunities coming up that I would love to see a few more pagans, Heathens and etc help out with. Because supposedly we care about shit like this. Time to put our money (or actions, since I’m not sure I’m even going to have to file taxes this year and really only have actions available) where our collective mouth is.

First, a request from the American Red Cross:

If you are in St Mary’s County- or near enough to find any of these locations convenient- please consider donating blood at any of the upcoming Red Cross blood donation events in this area:

Saturday, 7 November from 0900-1430 at the Lexington Park Volunteer Rescue Squad on FDR Blvd

Monday, 9 November from 0930-1500 at St Mary’s Hospital in Leonardtown

Tuesday, 10 November from 1200-1730 at the American Legion Post 274 in Lusby

Wednesday, 11 November at the Harry Lundeberg Seamanship School in Piney Point

Thursday, 19 November from 0900-1430 at the Lexington Park United Methodist Church on Great Mills Rd

Friday, 20 November at the Hollywood Volunteer Rescue Squad in Hollywood

If you can make one of these that would be awesome. A single donation may assist up to three people. I’m going to call ahead (1-800-733-2767) to see if eleven months is long enough after getting a tattoo to donate. Usually they want a full year but it never hurts to ask. I try to donate between ink.

Second: a request from St Mary’s County W.A.R.M. program:

Wrapping Arms ‘Round Many is in its seventh year in St Mary’s County and is coordinated by volunteers from a cooperative group of variously Christian churches in the county. You do not have to be associated with any church (or synagogue, masjid, coven, fellowship, etc) in order to help out. The people I’ve met so far really don’t seem to care- and don’t ask- as long as you’re willing to help out. The program is designed to provide a warm, safe place to sleep and a hot meal to members of the homeless community in St Mary’s County. All guests of the program have been, for lack of any better word, vetted by the Department of Social Services and are trying very hard to find places of their own. The program runs from November through mid-March. Absolutely no personal resources other than your time (and your personal transportation method of choice) are required by the program.

There is a need for volunteers to assist with the W.A.R.M. program this season. Specifically, there is a need for drivers. No special license is required as long as you actually have a license. I’d rather not put the person’s contact information on the blog- it’s their personal number, after all, not a public or business one- but if anyone is interested in being part of the driving team for W.A.R.M. this year please email me ( and I will be glad to put you in touch with the coordinator.

If driving isn’t your thing but you want to help out, I don’t think any of the host sites will turn down any extra hands. Assuming they have reached capacity- which I sincerely doubt. There are work slots available that will have no contact with guests of the program if you want to help but don’t want to be around that many strangers.

I’ve agreed to keep myself on call for much of the program’s duration as a backup driver and possible random middle-of-the-night driver for emergencies requiring hospital care. I would love to not be the only one doing that.


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