The mighty…. goats?

Alright, this has been rattling around for a while and it’s time to spit it out.

I will be the first one to admit that I always thought the idea of the mighty Thor being pulled along by goats was ridiculous. Surely there’s something wrong here. I get that goats are creatures of many uses but so are much more impressive animals like cattle and horses. So… why goats?

And then I decided that, seeing as they are in fact creatures of many uses and well suited to attempts of turning a profit on a small farm, I should get a bunch of goats.

Holy. Shit.

If I had a camera that was worth a fart in the wind I’d take pictures of the black bruises from my buck. He’s freaking out because his does are heavily pregnant and smell weird and the deer are in rut and smell weird and he’s stuck in this pen and wants to go do buckly things dammit let me out of this PEN! He’s a beast. Don’t turn your back on him. I can hear him down there now strutting his stuff and beating on whatever he can reach with his horns. (Displays of virility and all that.) Even the does are pretty hardheaded. Literally and otherwise.

These creatures are TOUGH. Ignore the modern dairy breeds that have been selected for milk production over common sense, take a look at the meat breeds still around. Especially if the old meat breed you’re looking at is a scrub type, meaning they exist because a bunch of random goats got loose here and only the tough survived. These beasts are tough. Dig through the snow, chop through the ice, climb and jump everything, go toe to toe with animals three and four times their size and WIN tough. Raise up healthy babies on starved fields tough. Stray dogs run the other way tough. Pick me up and carry my fat ass thirty feet before I can get my feet back under me tough. I think I’ve got a hundred pounds on the animal, but that didn’t even slow him down.

I have a whole new respect for Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr.

I used to ask ‘why goats?’ and now… I understand why goats.


(Side note: My buck was actually a very chill dude until the deer started. He came from a situation of borderline neglect and needed to be de-wormed and given copper bolus when I got him. For those who don’t know, a healthy Kiko on good pasture should never need de-worming. I could see his ribs. He was in bad shape. He’s up almost thirty pounds from May when I bought him and has all the fire and brimstone you could hope to see burning merrily along in his eyes. In a fight between him and the Highland Cattle a cousin of mine is raising, my money is on Grinder every time. Yes… I named him Grinder. It suits him.)


2 thoughts on “The mighty…. goats?

  1. It’s been a long time now since I’ve commented on your blog, never on this one. While you likely don’t remember me ladyimbrium, I am incredibly happy for you that things at the farm (you have a farm now!) are at least grinding out towards working, no matter how ugly things are otherwise. Me and mine finally have land of our own to start homesteading, though in our case there will be a Lot of work involving tree felling before much else gets done. Sheep, we’ll be raising dairy sheep, from a local land race, at least if the world doesn’t come apart between now and then. This particular breed are heavy on the horns for rams and some ewes, so I’m looking forward (sort of?) to the horn shaped bruises of my own.

    That’s about enough rambling out of me, I’ll make a point to pray for your goats, especially those does. May the gods smile on your bit of the earth and may that blessing radiate out from it.


    • Those horn shaped bruises are bragging rights ’round here. 😉

      Nice to see you again, and I’m glad you’ve got good things coming your way!


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