Hey, look, shiny stuff!

So if anyone wants to trot over to Etsy and take a look at the items languishing in my shop….

First, look at the pretty Aventurine!

aventurine and goldtoneFor the record, yes it’s a very large bracelet and it would probably fit some of the more slender among us as an anklet. Of course if you have large goat-wrangling manly wrists like me, it fits just fine. Real aventurine, gold toned metal beads. I made it out of the other half of the materials I purchased to make a luck-drawing talisman for a friend of mine.

Sticking with the green theme, there’s a Dragonfly necklace up now too.

glass dragonfly 2This is another pretty bit made from reclaimed jewelry. It’s not vintage, sorry, but it is recycled. Dragonflies are one of my favorite things and I almost don’t want to sell this. Of course, I’ve got a second pendant that’s identical, so…. maybe I’ll make another one.

I’m also introducing a set of painted glass Runes.

purple glass Futhark setThat I am very happy with. This is the first time I’ve tried doing painted glass and I like the result. I will definitely be keeping a set of these for myself, I like them that much.

I’ve updated the pictures and dropped the prices on a couple of other things that have been sitting for a while, so go check them out. I admit I’m not trying to Etsy full time like some of the extremely talented people I share an internet with. I’m just hoping to find good homes for pretty things and maybe get something back for the time that went into crafting them.

As always and per the original reason for setting up the shop, you can purchase Tarot readings from me through The Spider’s Mask on Etsy at any time.


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