St Mary’s County Interfaith Council: December Meeting

Sorry for the delay in posting any updates.

There were only a few people physically in the room this month, but we had a full group via social media and conference calls.

I will definitely try to get the notification up ahead of time for anyone wishing to join the conversation via Facebook chat (since I still haven’t got on board with Skype yet) or phone call since it worked out well.

Minimal business to report this time. We’re still working on the final version of our charter, just a few tweaks left I think.

The big news is that we will be accepting monetary donations now for the Snack Pack Program, which familiar readers probably remember as a program to provide kid-friendly food to students in elementary and middle schools who are on federal assistance for lunch. Kid-friendly foods require little to no cooking and do not require refrigerated storage. Granola bars, slim jims, fruit cups, instant oatmeal and similar. It’s processed and not the healthiest but I assure you it’s better than hunger. I have it on good authority that the school officials packing the bags are in the habit of slipping fresh fruit into the packs as well. Checks can be made out to Benjamin Banneker Elementary School, we’ll be glad to transport them along with whatever food donations you wish to make. Just please don’t donate Ramen- we’ve got enough of that to last all year, no exaggeration.

If you would like to donate please contact me and I’ll find a way to shuttle your donation from you to the school. Your best bet is to email me at LKTraining dot somd at gmail dot com.

I don’t think I need to reiterate how awesome it would be for the local heathen and pagan community to step up to the proverbial plate and give a good showing of ourselves for this resource drive.

As always, we are accepting new interested members all the time. You do not need to belong to any organized group to attend and have your voice heard. Meetings are the first Tuesday of every month at 17oo hrs (that would be 5 PM for those who don’t speak 24-hr time) at the Lexington Park Library unless otherwise noted in advance.

If any readers are interested, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Southern Maryland is hosting their annual Solstice Spiral on the 19th at 1900 hrs (7pm) at the Rec Center in Hollywood, MD. I don’t know if the tribe from Owl Hill will be attending or not as we are planning to have some ‘tribe time’ that day. You should check it out anyway because the lady leading it is pretty awesome.

Welcome to the Season of Lights.


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