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I can’t put this one up on Etsy because I don’t see even a little loophole that would allow for the necessary description.

Over the course of the last darkest segment of the year I pulled together many a baneful element and crafted a jar of Dark Art Oil. This stuff is no joke. It needs to stay behind glass and preferably wrapped up out of sight unless being used specifically. This oil kind of feels like holding a live wire and hoping that you’re well enough insulated. Anyone ever been on a horse that was one good shy away from losing all control and bolting halfway to Narnia? It feels like that.

I am not giving this away.

If you wish to mail me a small donation ($5-10, no more) then I will CONSIDER shipping you a small bottle of the stuff. If I get the letter from you and get the feeling that you shouldn’t have it, I will send your money back to you.

20151223_192750.jpgI am quite happy with the poisonous looking green color. The small dropper is the bit I am keeping. I will try to send you a bottle about the same size if you choose to send me a small bit of cash to purchase a bottle and the padded envelope to send it to whatever return address is on the envelope you send me.

The Oil was infused between Halloween/Samhain and the darkest night before Yule. It contains Mullein, Stinging Nettle, Myrrh, Black Pepper, Iron Oxide, Datura, Valerian, and the ever-popular hair of a black dog. (It was petted off of him, not plucked.)

For anyone wondering why the Heathen is making stuff like this… um… stuff it. If it works, I see no reason not to have it available.

I wouldn’t use it lightly, but if you need to get someone away from you, put up some truly nasty defenses, or even get the attention of a less-than-savory entity… this would probably work.

If you decide you want to send me a small donation to purchase you a bottle and padded envelope… send it WITH a return address (so I can send said envelope and bottle back to you) to:

Klug, PO Box 111, Park Hall MD 20667

Remember, if I get the feeling that no, you SHOULDN’T have this oil in your possession, I will send your money back to you.


7 thoughts on “Items available

  1. Might be willing to send the money and do a trade, if my spouse agrees. He has both copperhead infused salts and goofed dust he made himself… 😉


  2. *Shuffles a hoodoo herbal out of sight* What, you mean we aren’t supposed to have these things? Currently I haven’t the need for said oil but I must admit it’s tempting to have around.

    On a totally unrelated side note: Amanita Muscaria is not supposed to grow this far south, and yet we found some on our land the last time we went out to work on the boundary lines. It was growing close to the bounds, next to a path someone has clearly been using to trespass. Hmm…maybe not so unrelated.

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