It’s time for a change.

I ran the old blog for four and a half years (hey, that’s just about half of forever compared to the average life span of a personal blog) under a name  chosen carefully for its layers upon layers of meaning, as well as its particular sound.

I am retiring that name.

It meant many things which are worth remembering. The Lady of the Rains could just as well have been translated Lady of Tears. Rain is a phenomenon made up of countless individual parts, as has been my own path thus far. The rains bring life, but also death and I feel that my path will continue to wind through that kind of liminal land.

But it’s time for a change. Largely, because I have and have continued to have greater focus than before. I’ve said many times in the old blog though not yet here that my essential nature can not be contained within any single description. By that nature, all description necessarily contains deep contradiction. My nature exists in the tension between its pieces.

It is not a comfortable place. But it is my place. Within the threshold all things exist in potential. Or nothing.

I also wanted to acknowledge the direction I’ve been going for a long time. Some of the readers who remember this story from way back will know that I’ve been rolling this name around in my mind for a long time, trying it out in some creative writing for a bit.

I acknowledge that this has been coming for some time.

I acknowledge dawn, the manifestation of daylight. I acknowledge dusk and the manifestation of dreams. I acknowledge balance points, liminality, and doorways. I acknowledge my path as a Northern one, though I remember always that I am a child of the House of Ares. I acknowledge the power of the Dragon and their many, many roles.  I acknowledge that dependability is required in equal measure with creativity and compassion. I acknowledge that my role is as often that of catalyst as of steady shoulder and that these things are not mutually exclusive.

I acknowledge the beauty of daylight, and of distant burning stars.

I am a Daughter of Ares and Aphrodite. I am a Son of the Dawn and the Dusk. I am a Dragon of the North and I have been called gythia and Chief by those around me. The weight of these things is the threshold in which I stand.

My name is Dagan.


4 thoughts on “It’s time for a change.

  1. I’m a new reader/follower (catching up on my reading), and you have been my muse today. These are beautifully written, and obviously deeply personal musings. Thank you so much for sharing.


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