Pygmy doe for sale- possible 2 for 1 deal

EDIT TO ADD: Dinah has found a new home with some great people who already have some mini-model weed-control specialists of their own.
For sale, preferably as a companion to another animal: One pygmy doe, possibly pregnant. Dinah is one of the emergency re-home goats we got a few weeks ago. She is very sweet but also very skittish having been left to her own devices for some time with much larger goats. I’m working with her to get her more used to being handled and she is making swift progress from ‘deer’ to ‘actually petable.’ We don’t know for certain if she is pregnant, she is clearly in good health and comes from a healthy, clean herd. She’s a pretty girl and would be a great pet for someone with the time to work with her, she would also be a great buddy for another pasture critter. I’m raising meat goats and I just don’t have room for her, but I also want to make sure she finds a good home. She’s too sweet and shy for anything less. Please share.




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