Training Teddy

I sincerely hope that this will become a long series and a regular feature.

Teddy the Goat had his first lesson today (He’s now two whole months old and likes cracked corn enough to be food motivated) about following the human without a fuss.

First attempt:
Come on goat (cluck-cluck)
*OOh corn!*

Second attempt:
Come on goat (cluck-cluck)

Third and subsequent attempts:
Come on goat (cluck-cluck)
*Runs forward looking for corn*

Lesson One consists of all basic manners, like coming when called, being handled without a fuss, and following and stopping when being led on a rope. He’s already way ahead of many because he was born here and has been handled from day three, but he’ll spend most of his growing months mastering these things. By the time he’s big enough to start putting a harness on him, all the basic manners will be completely integrated to his programming.

Teddy is the one in front in this picture.



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