Now for a less nasty update

Dinah has been sold! Yay!

She went to a new home with people I’ve known for a while. They already have a couple of mini-model weed-control specialists to keep her company, and they’re not worried about dealing with her pregnant self. The best part was probably Dinah’s behavior when they came to pick her up. This little doe was wild as a deer when she showed up a month ago. She couldn’t be caught or bribed. Yesterday she was right up front at the fence trying to see what I was doing. She still wasn’t eager to be handled but she accepted my bribe readily enough. She didn’t want to lead for a stranger but she didn’t throw a fuss when she had to be picked up and put in the truck. She was scared, but didn’t panic. Enormous progress. I believe that now that she is in a home with a smaller herd- in both senses, fewer in number and smaller in stature- she will open up more. My big mammas were beating the crap out of her.

One goat to a better home, accomplished.

And Teddy walked with me on a lead rope while I carried a couple of sticks to the wood shed. He got uncomfortable when we got out of sight of the barn and his momma, but he didn’t argue too much. He got cracked corn when we got back, which is his favorite thing in the entire world, except for his momma.

On the goat note, I am still pretty sore today after trimming all of their hooves yesterday. You’re not supposed to have to trim Kikos’ hooves, but they are on soft pasture and, frankly eating too much. No one pitched too much of a fit except Sinter and Uru, they hate having their feet handled. I still have to do the bucks’ hooves. I will need another human for that, since Grinder goes into attack mode when I lean down toward him. I guess he thinks I’m going to headbutt him? Either way, trying to trim his hooves without help would be suicidal.

Moving off of goats;

I taught one of the first American Red Cross version-2016 CPR classes in the country last weekend. The updates just came out at the end of last week, and I got mine taken care of right away. Fortunately, most of the new material isn’t that new to someone who spent ten years on ambulances, and it was easy to shift the information from “EMT stuff” to “Red Cross Stuff” in my brain. Some of you may remember that there used to be a certification in between First Aid and EMT called First Responder. That category went away some time ago, but a lot of the information has reappeared in the new First Aid certification. (Right at the same time that some of the previously Paramedic protocols have been shifted down to the BLS level and made available to EMTs, interestingly enough.)

In all seriousness, if you’ve been putting off taking a Red Cross CPR or First Aid class, now is the time to change that. The new updates have streamlined everything, have expanded the assessment skills given to First Aid folks, and altered old protocols to fit the research-based guidelines already in place with the American Heart Association. The 2016 version looks GREAT. Plus there’s a snazzy new presentation style that I personally really like. I teach anywhere in Maryland. šŸ˜‰

And for the other half of my life, the next Pagan Coffee Chat is coming up on the 7th of February. We’ll be at the same spot, the Coffee Quarter off McArthur, beginning around 0900 hrs. This promises to be a larger group than last time, and I’m already excited.

Also for the other half of my life, the next Interfaith Council Meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday, 2 February. Meeting starts at 1700 hrs in the Lexington Park Library. I will be a bit late, but I intend to be there. All are welcome at all times. We’ll be discussing our pet project, the Snack Pack Program, as well as some self-education opportunities for future meetings. Someone mentioned working on an education opportunity with the Boy Scouts since one of the things they are supposed to do is learn about multiple faiths, for example. So if you want us to know about your program, send one of us a sales pitch and we’ll work it out from there.

Oh yeah and that whole Charming of the Plow/Disting business is coming up. Some have already celebrated, some won’t for a week or two. Sometime in Mid-February we’ll be getting together to start seeds for some plants (like tomatoes that need to be started inside early and transplanted in order to perform well) and add this year’s fertilizer to the beds. I was originally planning to use the weekend of the 20th but I’ve got another CPR class (just a couple of people this time, but every bit helps) during the day. It shouldn’t interfere with evening plans. We’ll see.

All I really want, in order to support myself and my family in a manner that doesn’t require medical care for stress-induced illnesses… is to be able to make enough dealing with these things- goats, Red Cross, faith work- that I can quit the sub teaching job I hate so very much. I should admit that I will probably stay active in the sub teaching pool for years to come, even after the farm and other classes take off, because it’s a decent daily rate for minimal effort and, once I can afford to pick and choose, I don’t ever have to come back to this building. Being able to pick and choose a couple days a week instead of having to work every day at the shit building (because they are so desperate for subs that they got special permission to keep a few on retainer at the higher, long-term rate) would be a huge benefit to my stress level. I wouldn’t be making as much, but I wouldn’t need as much from this particular source. Is it really too much to ask?

Last weekend I sold a goat, taught a great CPR/First Aid class, poured candles, put up the last round of shelving, and worked on the weanling’s training with an eye toward future benefits from his ability to work and be adorable at the same time. Seeds have been ordered for this season and there is another class scheduled. THIS is how I want to finance my life. Please?



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