One adventure after another…

Fortunately, most of them have been at least worth the effort.

I got myself talked into being the secretary for the Interfaith Council. I’m not sure what I was thinking other than that I take notes for myself anyway and someone had to do it. The next meeting, for the curious, will be Tuesday, 1 March 2016 beginning at 1700hrs in the Lexington Park Library Meeting Room B. Individuals and representatives of any faith are welcome.

I’m driving for WARM this weekend. If you’re interested in helping out next year they can always use more helpful people. It’s a pretty low-intensity commitment and it really does make a difference to the guests of the program.

Next weekend a few of us are running off to NYC for a couple of days for a super secret (not really) project which will involve costumes and cameras and awesome music. I hate New York City, and I won’t apologize to any of its residents for my opinion. There is WAY too much concrete there for me to calm down or enjoy any of the supposedly excellent sights. After living in Baltimore I really just can’t stand urban environments. Full on anxiety.

I fixed the hides I was tanning. At some point I may put together a separate post highlighting everything I did wrong in case anyone ever wants to try it themselves. The videos and commentaries I found going in were, one and all, less than helpful. I’d like to fix that, too. Short version of the story is that I grossly under-estimated how long they had to be worked to really soften them, as well as over-estimated smoking time. I now have two soft, wearable hides that will get converted into additional costuming for RenFest, Faires, and etc. These will not be for sale, because they are so much less than sale-able quality. I hope to offer hand-tanned hides in the future as a source of extra income. They will NOT be cheap.

I have my second CPR class of the year this weekend. It’s a private group, so sorry, no jumping in. However, if you or anyone you know of in MD need to be certified or recertified, please feel free to contact me using the information under the LK Training Services tab. Please be aware that I am not set up to accept credit cards.

The frame for the greenhouse is coming along nicely. The housemate, henceforth known as ITGuy, is really kicking ass putting it together out of pallets and shit. Free pallets, I might add. Win. Pictures when it’s ready.

I’ll get more goat and chicken pictures soon, too. The current ‘winning’ kid (as in, winning the race to pack on the most muscle-y and therefor edible pounds the fastest) just hit 40 pounds. He’s just over 2 months old and they are on pretty sparse pasture right now. I. Fucking. Love. Kikos. Keep en eye out for some updates about the farm. We expect surveyors to be finished soon and to have the all important Deed in hand shortly thereafter. As soon as that’s done we will move forward with acquiring the requisite identification numbers to begin selling eggs and vegetables. We hope to have eggs and whole vegetables for sale this summer, with goat meat (slaughtered at a USDA inspected facility and stored here in a monitored freezer) available early in 2017. Tree fruits should be available in 2018 if all goes according to plan. One step at a time. The sooner I can stop dealing with these obnoxious, crude, ignorant, whorish little stains I have to call children the better.

Did I mention recently that I HATE this job?

Did I mention recently how much I really, deeply enjoy the farm work and the Red Cross teaching?

In other news, one cousin (one of the few I still like) and his wife (who is also pretty rad) are purchasing a house soonish. They’ve got the go-ahead from the seller but it could be a while before they get paperwork settled. All positive energies toward them as they work through the process. The best part? They’re going to be near enough that regular hang-time is likely. This is a good thing.

I’m sure there’s more. I know folks have been wondering what’s going on in the less-mundane world. I’m holding off on sharing those posts for a while. The time isn’t right. More later, plus pictures if I can swing it. Stay classy.


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