Ninja Goat

So I have a ninja doe. The LaMancha that we got as an emergency re-home? Previous owner said that she was not pregnant. Given how emaciated she was- and still is- I took that statement as true. She had been slowly gaining weight but still looked thin to me, especially compared to the Kikos and Kiko crosses she shares a field with. At 0800 this morning when I fed them breakfast, there were no signs that anything was different. When I went back around 1130 to take the girls out for some grazing time in the big field there was a wobbly still wet baby goat. Ninja kidder. Of course, now she looks even worse since all the wight she’d been putting on was actually a kid. Poor girl looks like a skeleton but now that we know WHY she’s burning through so damn many calories we can feed her appropriately. I just hope she and the kid are not at too much of a nutrient deficit right now, since we had ZERO clue that she was pregnant. Her udder didn’t even start to fill until the kid was on the ground. Ninja. Kidder.

Whatever. It’s a boy. Have some crappy cell phone pictures.


8 thoughts on “Ninja Goat

    • The guy we got this batch of goats from had them as pets for his daughter. They were originally 4H animals. Unfortunately his life fell apart and the daughter left with his now ex wife so the goats HAD to have a new home. They were well cared for until about the last six months or so of their time there. Six months can do a lot of damage to a creature with a goats metabolism. I’m not really defending it, just explaining what happened and how she got to be in this condition. Sadly it’s not at all unheard of.


    • He’s a cutie. I’m keeping a close eye on him though, undersized as he is due to being so undernourished. They are both in special care right now. Got their own pen and their own diet and everything. I hope he makes it.

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