Goats ‘n stuff- a progress post

Also known as, Dagan has run out of positive shit to say on the internet that isn’t farm-only. And even that isn’t all positive.

First the bad news to get it out of the way. The existing pasture is stripped and the planned pasture is going to be A) ungodly expensive to put in and B) not graze-able for at least a full growing season while the grass roots. I’m going to lose my shirt buying hay this year. I will even accept charity at this point, it’s going to be pretty bad.

Also the surveyors fucked up the lines. Not majorly, but a couple of angles will result in half of my storage shed being on the wrong side of the line, and me having to move an entire segment of the quarantine field. Ain’t gonna happen, since the sketches on the original survey plat make it VERY clear that that is not supposed to happen. They will be back on Monday to fix it. It’s just one more frustration in what has been an endless parade of ugliness and setbacks.

The good news is that when they come back to fix things on Monday, they should then be finished and the new plat can be submitted and deeds drawn up. Fucking FINALLY. We were originally told to expect that around Christmas of last year.

Other good news, my ninja kid is doing much better. He’s out bouncing around while his momma eats every blade of green grass she can find, returning to her to nurse every 15-20 minutes, and actually looks like he’s grown a bit. She still looks pretty bad, but has not gotten any worse. It’s too early to be sure if she’s starting to put any weight back on yet. I hesitate to say it because things always seem to go wrong when I get to happy about something, but they *might* be OK at this point. She got a little bit ahead of him today, as far as milk production- she kept flinching when he latched on to nurse and her udder was swollen absolutely rigid. I milked about three ounces out of her to take the pressure off and then she was fine. I hesitate to take any more until he’s working with some solid food, but I may have to start milking her regularly. She’s a LaMancha and they make lots and lots of milk when they are at a healthy weight. With luck, this is my first sign that she is really recovering. In addition to that… fresh goat milk. Fresh. Goat. Milk. Yes please.  I could get to like this business of having a dairy doe or two mixed into my meat herd.

And the hens are up to 6-10 eggs a day again. I’m learning some really awesome things to do with all those eggs and I have a totally new respect for the egg as a symbol for many of the spring festival holidays. Fresh eggs after a winter without is just… awesome. Even better news is that I have Sent Off The Paperwork (yes, capitalization is required) to register the flock and will be able to sell eggs legally once I have the flock’s ID number. MD is a real micro-manager when it comes to stuff like that, but at least there is no fee for producers in my economic level. It could take up to 40 days to process the ID, but once I have it eggs WILL be available.

I have also Sent Off The Paperwork to obtain a Dept of Agriculture Premise ID so that I can comply with scrapie tag rules and legally sell my goats to people for things other than pets or their own personal freezer. That may take longer to set up, since I need the premise ID, a bill of health from a state-licensed veterinarian, and the tags themselves but don’t worry, goats are coming to a livestock market near you eventually. I have longer-term plans to get set up as what’s called an On-Farm Processor (a bad name for the license, really, since I’m storing meat not processing it) which means that I will have frozen goat meat for sale as well.

It IS finally happening. It won’t turn a profit this year and probably not next either but it’s HAPPENING.


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