I really enjoy what this guy writes and I think he’s explained this difficulty well. I personally prefer animal proteins that have been ethically raised and slaughtered on my own land, because then they are part of a total system of personal involvement and sustainable practices. Either way, the current system won’t work. He gets it. Go read his stuff.


islamistisk_framtidsvisjon1_large kopi

Most people would say that our Western society is more humane now than it has ever been. We have evolved and become better human beings. We used to be brutal, heathen thugs, but now we are civilized and we know how to behave ourselves.

That is a lie.

We are not more civilized. We are still just apes with long hind legs. And our society today is causing much more harm than it has ever done.

I will tell you why. But first: This is not going to be another blog post where you’re told to use your car less and wear a pullover made from organic youghurt or whatever. I am not going to tell you that you’re destroying the planet. If you’re reading this, chances are you are not. Why? Because I know this blog post is being read in countries where the population is stable. Women and…

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