Finding the Right Person

No, it’s not a post about romantic connections.

It’s a post about frustration and irritation and how amazing it is to finally find the person in the phone tree who can Get Shit Done.

About two weeks ago I finally got to the Right Person with the state Ag department. After chasing information all over the internet and sending several emails that were either ignored or sent back with vague, outdated information I finally made it to the right department via the right person at the county’s Ag Development Commission. They were, between them, able to answer all of the questions and send me all of the forms. I made it to the county permit office for one last question and after working through multiple “Well that’s not really my department” answers, I got the Right Person. All questions answered with personal connection made to get the next piece in this puzzle dealt with right away.

Today, after weeks of getting the run-around from apparently outdated contacts in the Red Cross for my teaching agreement I finally got a call from the Right Person. He answered all my questions about getting updated and sent me the form to update within half an hour. Working towards getting all updated now, and planning to have a human to human conversation to fix the total lack of human connection I’ve been dealing with for the last three years with them.

Gods but it is a relief to find the right person.


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