Current Items for Sale

As of right now, there are several items for sale at Owl Hill Farm.

We are up and running on eggs! I got my (corrected, since they misspelled my name on the first one) registration certificate for my flock of laying hens, so eggs are for sale!

All eggs are grade A or AA (has to do with shape, shell consistency, and interior consistency as estimated by candling- and most of what my girls lay are AA grade) Large, Extra Large, and Jumbo size eggs. Eggs are sold by the dozen, grouped by grade and size. $4/dozen.

I’ve got vegetable seedlings! I was not expecting a nearly 100% germination rate with the seeds I ordered this year- I will definitely be back to those companies- so I have more seedlings than I have room for in the gardens or the greenhouse. All seedlings have put out their secondary leaves and are already hardened off, ready to plant.

  • Zucchini- “Black Beauty” cultivar. Full size heavy producer in my experience. I like to dehydrate thin slices of this variety to use in recipes all winter. $3/each
  • Sweet Pepper- “Napoleon Sweet” claims to be an heirloom sweet pepper and fruits mature to multiple shades of green through red. Very vigorous seedlings thus far. $3/each
  • Sweet Pepper- “California Wonder” the classic giant green bell type. I’ve had them before and they did well. These seedlings had a rougher start and are still small, but solid enough that I feel safe letting them go. This has been a great fresh snacker and freezer. $2/each
  • Tomato- “Giallo de Summer” is a yellow/gold tomato with yellow flesh. It is indeterminate- NOT a patio tomato unless you’ve got a huge patio. I only have a couple of these left. They are also smallish, but broadening up quickly now that they’re in real dirt in their pots. Sweet and juicy. $2/each

Assorted houseplants soon! Currently have two varieties of Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) both the solid green and a very few of the green/white variegated plants; and a few pots of Tradescantia pallid- commonly called Wandering Jew. I’m rooting some Pothos (Epipremnum aurum) cuttings right now as well. All of these plants are still small and recovering from transplant shock but are from healthy mother plants and I expect them all to make a full recovery. I’ll let you know as soon as they look like they’ve recovered enough to sell. They will be $3/each or 2 for $5.

For obvious reasons, I will not insure the safe arrival of any plants shipped by mail. Contact me if you’re interested.


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