Baby Goat Pictures!!

Because baby goats, of course!

Hey, when you’re the heathen blogging into the great empty nothing of the internet because there’s nothing better to do on your farm on a Sunday morning (there is actually, but I’m too tired and sore to go build a garden wall right now) then you can post whatever you want.

My second-to-last doe finally had her baby yesterday evening. Still waiting on her sister to drop hers and then I’ll be done for the season. These are the two-of-three that I got about 8 months ago from North Carolina. They escaped through a gap in the fence that proved too small for my older, larger does but fit them just fine thanks and went to go visit Grinder. Clearly he didn’t mind.

Both Grinder and Flashwit are red furred commercial Kikos. (Meaning they have no registration papers) but I think that they are both pretty good examples of the breed’s parasite resistance and efficiency. Flash has certainly proven to be a great example of the breed’s easy kidding and strong maternal instincts. Papered or not, they’re Kikos alright.

On to pictures!


New baby buckling! Yes he’s all black.


What a face.


I mean really.


Born last night, running this morning.


Still stuck to momma like a burr.


Remember the ninja kid that took us all by surprise? He’s doing pretty good.


Teddy is jealous of all the new babies.


He knows he’s special though.


He’s the only baby boy with a blue collar after all.


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