June Photo Dump Part 2: Goats!!

You didn’t really think I would go without showing off goat pictures, did you?


Fred headshot

First, say hello to QRR Fred! Fred is my 100% New Zealand Kiko, bred by Quick Run Ranch in South Carolina. He’s a big baby at 160 lbs and only 2 years old. He would rather not be caught, but is perfectly amiable once captured.


It’s a wonky angle, but get a look at these horns. Grinder is looking at his replacement, and he doesn’t like it much.

Grinder june 16 6 yrs

Grinder clocks in just under 200lbs, depending on how much he’s had to eat lately. He couldn’t be bothered to pick his head up for a picture. Grinder is a commercial Kiko- unregistered but from a herd started with provably Kiko stock, kind of like what I’m building at Owl Hill Farm. Grinder is 6, and makes some beautiful babies as you can see.

Cutlet 6 mos

This is one of the freezer fillers, now 6 months old and approximately 60lbs. He’s out of the Lamancha/Kiko cross doe.

Sausage 3 mos

This is the Lamancha/Oberhasli surprise from earlier this spring. He looks pretty good, even if he’s not going to be as bulky as the Kikos. I haven’t weighed him but I’d estimate him around 40lbs at just barely 4 months old. Not bad at all.

Nadia photobomb

This is Nadia, the Lamancha rehome that we decided to keep. I’m not planning on keeping any of her kids, but she’s a good mom and very much a pet at this point, She’s filled out nicely after weaning and will be bred with the others for December kidding.

Teddy 6 mos

Here’s Teddy! He’s a bit smaller than the freezer filler, only about 50lbs at 6 months, He’s very clever and knows how to follow on a lead and ‘whoa’ most of the time. He’s going to be my packer/puller when he gets bigger. Goats grow until they are 3-4 years old.

Royal 6 mos

Remember the two doelings who were so horribly sick with the same mess that killed Kingsford? Here’s Royal. She’s staying and she looks great. She’s back up to 50 lbs- her pre illness weight- at 6 months and growing fast! We’ll have to wait and see if she’s ready to breed this November. She will be 11 months old, which is plenty, but may not be heavy enough.

Sheba 3 mos

Sheba required two pictures to do her justice because she just wouldn’t sit still! I caught her before she got as sick as Royal and she hasn’t lost as much ground. She was a late kid, and I’ll be weaning her around mid-July.

Sheba again 3 mos

This little Kiko’s angles are perfect all over. Her momma is wild as a deer but Sheba won’t leave the humans alone. We have broccoli, after all. It’s her favorite.


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