Been a very busy weekend

So, with lots of help from friends and family, we got this thing done this weekend.  All pictures courtesy of the excellent Rachel. Take a look:


Rooster 3; humans 0. I still feel kinda bad about it, though.


Despite the brutal heat and humidity (90+ degrees F and 90+%, respectively) we found enough luck to keep going. We went through gallons and gallons of water and gatorade, and multiple tables full of food over the weekend… but we got it done.


From digging and driving posts, to stretching and setting fence, it took all available hands. And a tractor. Thank the gods for John Deere.


Now if only there was a convenient mechanized way to set post clips. These little bastards were on the receiving end of more cussing than you’ve heard in a long time.


But we got through it. The goats enjoyed their last day of roaming about willy-nilly.


Even though they were just trying to help… or something.


3 new acres for the goats to eat and grow fat and stay the @$#$ off my grape vines and apple trees.


Goats: Hey! You’ve got food!! We’ve been eating all day but that doesn’t matter because food!!


My BoKi does plus the younger wethers all getting their two or three tablespoons of feed in their new field. Job well done.


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