Showing off my boys

Because I got some great pictures of my two bucks earlier and I feel like showing them off.

Grinder July 2016

That is a collapsed shelter behind Grinder. I left it down after the third time the ditzy little doe tried to jump on top of it and turned herself into a tarp burrito. We’re working on building them a much more solid one, and there is a big sycamore in the far end of the field they can hide under.

Grinder is into his 7th season now, and still going strong. I estimate his weight fluctuating between 180 and 210, depending on the season. He’s only needed de-worming once that I know of, and now that he’s on a regular copper bolus schedule he has not needed to be de-wormed at all. I did have to trim his hooves once. That was a rodeo. He was never properly tamed to human contact, and has the slightest habit of butting the ever-living fuck outta whatever and whoever pisses him off. Definitely a type A personality, and not safe to turn your back on. But he makes pretty, strong babies.


And this is QRR Fred. He’s all registered an’ shit. He’s only two, and already at least as big as Grinder. Fortunately he’s a laid back, easygoing guy who doesn’t mind being led around or petted. He has not needed de-worming or hoof-trimming and is thriving on the scrappier wooded pasture. I’d estimate him right around 210 and still growing. I’ll be putting him with a two year old doe and this year’s 8 month old doeling. In the unlikely event that Grinder misses any, he’ll get them too. I’m REALLY looking forward to his kids.


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