New Item Prototypes!

ring prototype facing

View of a steel wire and jasper bead ring. I want to work a bit more on getting my ends neat, but overall I am happy with this pattern.

ring prototype top

It’s a size 9, if anyone is curious. I could be persuaded to sell this prototype. It would go quite cheap, since it’s not ‘finished’ quality by my own exacting standards. Contact me if you are interested.

ww arm proto 1

Steel wire, steel endcaps in 6 by Viking weave with a twisted core of a larger wire for stability.

ww arm proto 2

I’m very happy with the appearance of the weave on this prototype. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve got the pattern down.

ww arm proto 3

This prototype will not be for sale unless either A) I find some end caps I like better or B) someone specifically wants the wrapped wire endcaps.

maters mix

And because they’re gorgeous and I feel like showing them off: Yesterday’s Tomatoes! The flavor is just as intense as the colors.


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