Blog Renovations!

Please to be exploring the tabs around the top of the page, and the new bits along the side bar. I have spent the better part of the evening updating and renovating outdated paragraphs.

This comes after working all day on the new garden compound (because Owl Hill Farm has more than its fair share of owls and they all love chicken), and arguing with a large buck about the fact that being out on a rope to graze is not actually the end of the world, and potting a passel of lemon balm cuttings for an order.

I’ve looked at the requirements and I’ll be pursuing licensing as a tanner/taxidermist (because MD lumps the two together even though they are not at all the same thing) so that there will be more options for leather work in the future. Could be a while. It’s a process.

There’s a bunch of St Mary’s County Pagan Community events to go on the calendar for the next few months. More on that when I’m less worn out.

Oh and we’re getting a small group together this weekend for Freyfaxi. Because it’s what we do.

Farm life. Gods send that it continues to grow until I need only worry myself over the farm and the crafts and services already on this page. I know it has the potential.


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