Why goats? This is why goats.

Here’s a great article that I re-discovered. It’s dated from 2012, but the information hasn’t changed. If anything, prices have dropped (grumblegrumble) as more people decide to get into the market.


Legally, I can only sell live goats right now. Maryland has *very* strict slaughter laws. I do know a custom slaughter operation in the county who would be glad (and legally able!) to slaughter the animal for you according to your preferences.This custom slaughter operation also returns the hides to me for tanning, reducing the total waste and providing me with alternative resources for leather- a material that gets used a lot on a farm.

Most goats in the US are still being sold person-to-person, rather than to wholesale slaughterhouses. I suspect that that will change over the next few years but I have to admit, I greatly prefer making a personal sale. That way, I have a much better chance of getting the right animal to the right person’s freezer.

I am expecting a small batch of kids in December, and another small batch is planned for April 2017. I decided to split the herd’s breeding this year to accommodate a couple of the younger does who won’t be able to breed until November. If you or anyone you know is interested in getting a goat- let me know! Unless you reserved an animal, all sales are first come, first serve.


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