Goodbye, Summer and upcoming events in SMPC

Today is the day I say goodbye to summer. No, it isn’t over, but mine is.

School starts up again tomorrow and if I want to pay off the credit card bill I’ve been racking up all summer (that’s what I get for not budgeting for major car repairs, I suppose) I have to go back to work.

I’m going to try to avoid the specific school that gave me so much grief last year, but if they offer the same very nice financial deal they did last year then I may not have a choice. Sub teaching is hard. Really. Especially in this county which seems to only have two settings in its schools: thug-wannabe and redneck asshat.

No, wait, that’s unfair.

Don’t forget the third option; we’re too good for this place.


It’s also the end of summer for other reasons. The team of grain farmers who have been renting the fields brought their combine up today. I guess they figure the  field corn is ready although I personally would have given it another week as there are still just a few hints of green in it. And the hay is ready for its second cutting so I have to get on the phone to the guy that does that for me since I don’t have a baler. I split the hay with him and, given the cost of good hay around here, he’s getting a good deal.

I woke up to relative coolness the last few mornings. It was positively blissful.

The late kids- including a keeper doeling from Grinder and one of my BoKi does- are in the garden compound for weaning. They have screamed until their voices broke. They screamed as they ate the heavy grass between the box beds. They screamed as they ate fallen green apples. They screamed as they stole the chickens’ corn. They’re still screaming (hoarsely). Not because they are in any way being mistreated, but because they want to be with the other goats. They are a very pretty couple of goats and I’m already hoping to see Sheba’s kids next season, as she’s far too young to be bred this season.

(Remember, I’m expecting a crop of kids in December. If you want a lovely young 4 month old kid in time for Easter, let me know ASAP.)

The up side of going back to sub teaching is the amount of fidget time that it gives my hands. I’ll be able to work on outstanding requests for wire jewelry as well as my own kit.

(And again, check out the etsy shop or the “Our Handiwork” page under “From the Farm” for current pieces or as a convenient way of requesting custom work.)

Epekos is going to have a hard time of it though. She’s used to me being here for most of the day, or going with me when I have errands to run. Puppy could be in for an unpleasant adjustment period. Again. At least she is recovering well from her corrective surgery. She can actually open her eyes all the way without scraping her eyelashes across her corneas! Entropion is unpleasant and responsible breeding is the only thing that’s ever going to get rid of it. Sadly, I fear she did not come from a responsible breeder. Dog is, in all honesty, pretty luck I found that ad.

I just have to bait myself along through the coming months with promises of upcoming events that I actually DO care about. Hint, this is the part where I start talking about upcoming events that may interest my local readers. 

The Kindred is going on a mountain camp this coming weekend. It’s our ‘bye summer, multiple birthdays, hooray gods’ celebration. There will be mead. Spots are full for this year.

Maryland’s Renaissance Festival (one of the largest in the country) opens this weekend. We all buy a six day pass every year and usually manage to use all six days. It’s what we do. Check the St Mary’s County Pagan Community facebook page for those days, as they will probably be primarily last minute decisions.

September’s Occult Discussion is about Runes. It will be a discussion of their known history (hint, it’s not much) and modern uses led by yours truly. I’m hoping someone shows up who knows about systems other than Elder Futhark because that’s the one I know best. That will be Thursday, 1 September at 1745 at the Leonardtown Library. All interested parties are welcome to attend. Snacks are appreciated but not required.

September’s Drum Circle will be Friday, 16 September from 1900-2200 at Chancellor’s Point Natural  History Area in St Mary’s City. There is a usage fee of $5 per adult for the site, and there is a sturdy pavilion we can use if the weather is foul. All interested parties are welcome.

SMPC Coffe Meetups for the coming month are Sunday, 11 September and Sunday, 25 September at Coffee Quarter from 1000-1200. Again, all interested parties are welcome.

The St Mary’s County Fair is at the end of September, from Thursday the 22nd through Sunday the 25th. Owl Hill Farm will have multiple entries in multiple categories, though probably not any livestock this year. I’m out of time to get a recent-enough Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and I don’t have the money for a vet appointment anyway. There will be vegetables, eggs, canned goods, and probably several craft entries. I’ll be sure to brag about them later.

If you’re looking ahead to October already (and why wouldn’t you be?) Earthweavers will be the SECOND weekend this year, not the first as is more normal. The event runs from the 7th through the 9th of October in Windsor, VA. Check out the event’s website here.

In the event that you are already looking as far ahead as December (hey, it could happen) you might want to know that we are planning a not-quite-Winter camping event that we have affectionately dubbed Frost Fest. It will be Friday 9 December through Sunday morning 11 December. We do have permission to host the event at Chancellor’s Point Natural History Area. All other details TBA.

Phew. Maybe, just maybe, that’s enough to keep me distracted for a while.


One thought on “Goodbye, Summer and upcoming events in SMPC

  1. I went to mow the lawn yesterday when I noticed that it smelled like autumn. This caused me to pause for a moment as this summer seems to have passed by quickly, although I was paying attention to the season. I then noted that the county fairs had begun here in northern Vermont, which means that all is at it should be. I then went about mowing the lawn peacefully as I had certified that all was as it should be. 🙂

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