Huh. Well, apparently the Heathen parts of the internet blew up again recently.

It’s par for the course, as the saying goes.

Here’s why I don’t give an airborne coitus:

I. Have. Friends.

I am so stupid lucky regards my local pagan and heathen community (lowercase because there’s lots of us and we’re all a bit different but we all get along in person.) that I simply can’t be bothered to care if the national organizations are making asshats of themselves.

I am surrounded by a thriving confederacy of different groups and traditions who have all decided that they are all about creating something that matters to all of us. Heathens go to drum circle and the Wiccans came to our faining and we all get together for coffee and to talk about whatever bit of magic or mystery we feel like talking about this month. No one has to be or become anything else unless they want to. The kindred is small but we are not the slightest bit threatened by having close relationships with folks on other paths. We are not ‘polluted’ by other ideas. We learn and dammit we just plain have *fun* in company.

We care about learning new things, about our own paths and each others. We care about crafting meaningful discussion and experiences. We care about honing skills like brewing, leather making, food growing, textile making, medicine, magic, singing, and modern but useful skills like car and IT stuff. Both of which are magic to me….

We really don’t care- beyond the initial reaction of ‘wow that was wrong’- if someone we’ve never met said something stupid.

We don’t have to.

The tide is turning. If you don’t have a functioning community, maybe it’s time to start one. Don’t worry too much about organizing anything at first. Let the structure grow organically. Start with coffee- it’s easy. Get something small but regular and see who starts showing up. Build from there. But build. It doesn’t even have to be explicitly pagan or heathen. Go to the fair. Join a beekeeping or gardening or brewing club- you might be surprised how friendly those groups can be. (Some suck, so use your own judgement of course.) But get out and do it. It’s time.


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