The newest batch of Heathens you almost didn’t hear about

I refer to them as farmers’ tan Heathens, a good virtual friend refers to them as deer stand Heathens. Either way, we’re noticing something very interesting.

And we like it.

I’ll leave this friend anonymous unless and until they decide to out themselves here. Reasons.

The weirdest part is that I didn’t even realize that there was a movement or that I was arguably part of it. There’s a rapidly growing, rapidly connecting, rapidly awakening and absolutely massive wave of new, old, and every kind of Heathen in between coming our way. We’re farmers, hunters, bush-crafters, survivalists, and re-enactors who want to learn about what they *did* at least as much as what they managed to have written down.

Well, our ancestors learned to start and maintain fires in wild conditions… better work on my fire drill skills. Or the dozen or so related skills (like identifying trees…) that might serve me in good stead.

We’re more interested in meat, mead, and making solid friends than in any large organizational drama. Celebrations and Festival Days matter most when then connect us to our environment, our kin, and our Powers. The rules are, what can you face the Ancestors and claim proudly that you did?

At its heart, this is a reclaiming movement. We’re not looking for words to wave around or costumes to parade about in (although it’s fun) we’re looking for the skills, the confidence, and the pride that self- and community-reliance bring.

You know… like Northmen.

In it’s hands are talents and callouses born from hardship, courage, training and dedication. The movement speaks many languages- and fluent profanity in all of them- and seems to prefer to offer politeness first, praise when it is warranted, and a cold shoulder to the unworthy.

You know… like Northmen.

I am looking forward to 2017. May it become the year of farmer’s tan Heathens, and reawakening the spirit of the North.


One thought on “The newest batch of Heathens you almost didn’t hear about

  1. Yes, yes, yes. While not a farmer, this rings true for me as well. Less fancy High and Mighty, more down to earth. Brewing, crafting, cooking, gardening, connecting with the land in. Elaborate and poetic prayers and spells give way to wordless solid intention. Seeing no boundary between the physical grit of Nature and the metaphysical; it’s all part of the same reality. A reality we are in, not above.

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