Some Updates

Take a look around the site, there is new information under the ‘Our Garden’ tab (found in the ‘From the Farm’ header) and I have (finally) added the event calendar to its own header. It’s a pretty bare calendar right now, but that will change over the next few weeks as event schedules solidify and plans are finalized. The short version of the updated information is that I have a bunch of baby spider plants available, both variegated and solid green. These plants are low maintenance and fantastic air filterers. All they want is a sunny spot and not too much water. The babies have well-developed roots already and should have zero problems moving from my home to yours. $3 each or 2 for $5. Bring a little bit of green into your winter living space!

And in case you didn’t hear, we’re gladly accepting your old Yule/Christmas/Holiday/Etc trees! The goats love them and the trunks are fuel for the charcoal forge. Forge? Yes… more on that later. Drop off or pick up available.

Also I’ve acquired another batch of rabbits. In addition to being delicious additions to my freezer, the hides will be available for sale as soon as they have been tanned. I have a total of seven rabbits and hopefully seven hides (assuming I don’t tear one in half because I’m used to breaking goat hides… again) for sale. They are angora rabbits and the fur is just unreal. I’ll be asking between $20 and $30, depending on the final size and any blemishes on the pelts.

That’s it for now. Have a happy, prosperous New Year!


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