Announcing New Handcrafted Awesome

Take a gander through the Farm’s associated Etsy shop- The Spider’s Mask- for a parade of hand crafted wearable art including hand woven silver, real lapis lazuli touches, an actual charm necklace, and a wide variety of shapes and styles to fit a variety of tastes.


All of the new pieces for sale feature hand made trichinopoly chain, often referred to as Viking weave or Viking knit wire. Creating this strong, supple, lighter-than-it-looks chain by hand is very time consuming but I’ve tried to keep prices reasonable despite some pieces taking six hours or more to complete.


Trichinopoly chain has been found at archaeological sites across Scandinavia and norther Europe. It is not at all inaccurate to refer to this collection of new jewelry as ‘historically inspired.’ Take a look, share it with a friend, and maybe consider that your ‘inner Viking’ would be glad to add some of this to your own hoard 😉


(The woven copper and silver has been SOLD. Contact me if you’d like me to make another similar piece.)



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