The more things change

Let’s see…

The goats are waddling around being happy and fed and pregnant, the dog is racing around being an overgrown puppy, the cat is looking at the dog disdainfully, the chickens are scratching through the dead leaves, we’ve gotten most of the fence repair on the quarantine lot finished, there’s a new President, I got the new shallow raised beds lined and filled with dirt and compost yesterday, I adjusted a bracelet someone had purchased and requested resized, the shipment of feed came in, the seed orders are going out this week, I paid my bills, I need to go pay the truck’s registration renewal, I lost a day of work because of a cold, I spent the day puttering around getting little pestery chores done so it wasn’t a total loss…

And so on and so forth.

Focus on the good. Focus on the stable. Focus on the every day making-in-better things. No, I’m not saying give up. I’m also not saying give in to the apocalyptic drama. I said the exact same thing to the last big protest movement: it’s not going to help your cause if you let them manipulate your emotional reactions into the kind of dramatic responses they need to shine the spotlight of negative interpretation on you.

One day, one step at a time. Keep moving. Keep your cool. We’ll get through it together.


3 thoughts on “The more things change

  1. Let’s rest our feet upon the Earth. It is easy to appreciate the certainty of solid ground under our feet in uncertain times. It feels good to me and helps me focus on reality. That connection seems even more intimate when I can walk barefoot. The birdsong I hear in northern Vermont suggests it will not be long before walking barefoot upon the Earth will be practical. Blessed be, dear spirit.

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