Just in time

The Donner pole has been planted in the Q lot.

There are hours and hours of work and a lot of meaning in that statement.

The pole itself is- I will be the first to admit- not very well carved. I am a lot of things, but I am clearly not a wood carver. Still, you can tell that it’s a face with a beard and with the red dye you can even figure out Who it’s supposed to be. It is carved out of an aged gum limb that fell (no oak limbs handy, but given that gum shares oak’s reputation for strength and longevity in this area, I’m pretty sure it’s ok.) and has been treated with linseed oil to prolong its life in ground contact.

It’s in the Q lot, or Quarantine lot, which has been the work of many hours and many people to move the fence to the correct side of the new property lines. I finished staking the bottom of the fence down yesterday. The lot is used for goats that are new and need to be observed for a while first, or for goats that are ill and need special care, and for does who are about to give birth and need a lot with good tree cover to protect the kids from eagles (it also is surrounded with chain link and is better for keeping other predators out) and it is used to isolate specific does with a buck for breeding. It also sits on the corner of the property surrounded by hostile neighbors. I literally could not think of a more appropriate location for a pole shrine for Donner.

As much as I would like to open this to the public, I can not do that. Yet. I am currently still working in the school system 3-4 days a week and will (if my work passes the examination of current co-op members) be working sporadically at a craft shop in Leonardtown where my work will also be hosted. That said, if you would like to visit the pole, please do not hesitate to contact me. We can probably work something out.

Hail Donner.


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