Those necessary jobs- a poop story

This weekend I finished (with some help, thanks guys who were actually all girls but I tend to use guys generically!) two of the four big nasty necessary parts of keeping things going on this farm. The tiny sheds in the Quarantine lot (which has FINALLY had the fence completely removed to the correct location fuckyouverymuchneighbor) have been mucked out and their rather *ahem* aromatic collections have been added to the current phase of the compost piles. I say ‘piles’ because there was in fact that much shit. I have also scraped out everything underneath the rabbit cages and added it to the piles.

I’m dreading the chicken coop and the big goat shed.

I had no idea until recently when more and more folks with all of zero agricultural background started showing up at various agriculturally themed local events that no one talks about poop on a farm. Seriously, no one talks about one of the biggest, messiest, and most valuable free resources that livestock create. That shit is black gold. Or, slightly brownish gold, depending on the species.

I recently had to explain to someone that you have to let various critter poop rot before you can use it on the garden- it’s too strong and can chemically burn your crops if you don’t. They had no idea. They were just too busy complaining about the smell. Of course, that will fade away too as it rots down into good black compost. Dig a few of the worms out of the lower layers and go fishing, while you’re at it.

Speaking of worms, don’t ignore worm poop. A mealworm colony costs about $50 to start (worm nucleus, bins, wheat bran, vegetable scraps) and feeds chickens forever for very nearly free. Just some more wheat bran every so often. If you’re feeling ambitions you can migrate the colony and have a bin full of bran and worm castings. That’s poop. Epic fertilizer.

Yes. Farming is a crappy job. That’s what makes it grow.



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