Goats for Sale!!

Two of this year’s excellent crop of doe kids are being offered for sale from Owl Hill Farm! Take a look:


These first pictures are for the doeling born on March 7th, 2017. She is by QRR Fred, a registered 100% New Zealand Kiko bred by Quick Run Ranch in SC. Fred had a long journey to get to Owl Hill Farm but boy are we glad he got here because his kids are drop dead gorgeous. Look at this face! Keep reading for her sales pitch. 😉


This doeling’s mother is one of my keeper does from two years ago. Her grand-mother is still sassy and thriving. Her mother is hands down one of the best does in the entire herd: she’s a great mother, kids easily, stays fat on hay and forage even during lactation! Her kids have all inherited this incredible thriftiness, that is one of the hallmarks of the Kiko breed. The entire bloodline is graced with excellent health and hardiness and even good sense. This doeling could be proven up to 50% Kiko, but all of my does are commercial does. The doeling is 7/8 Kiko and 1/8 Lamancha. Her mother has some Lamancha in her and does provide plentiful, fantastic milk. This doeling is used to being handled and could easily be trained to a milking stand herself.


You can see that she’ll be long legged and graceful like her mother. She’s just plain pretty, with proven parents. I’d recommend her very highly if you’re looking for a low maintenance, dual purpose doe that is likely to pass some interesting colors and safe, wide, solid hornset to her offspring. (Narrow set horns might fit in stands but they also catch everything from other goats to human arms to tree branches) She’d make a great homesteading goat because of the versatility potential in her bloodline (which usually drops twins, just to double the awesome in this goat). Her angles are all great, she has clean 1×1 teats (an even pair of normally shaped teats, for those who don’t speak goat breeder-ese), and she’s responded beautifully to regular handling. I’m not selling her because she’s “extra” or “second best” I’m selling her because I’ve already got her mother being an excellent dual purpose goat and I think her kid is worth selling. I won’t sell what I wouldn’t keep myself. She will be properly ear tagged prior to sale. No, I will not remove her horn buds. Unless you’re a commercial dairy (in which case you probably want a full blood dairy breed, let’s be honest) there’s no reason to remove them that’s more important than the goat’s self defense or ability to shed heat in the summer. I am asking $200 for her. If you take the pair, they are $375. Keep reading for the second sales pitch!


The second doe kid being sold was born March 8th and is also by QRR Fred She’s out of one of my amazing BoKi does. Yes, she’s 3/4 Kiko and 1/4 Boer, making her an American Meatmaker cross. She can be proven up to 50% Kiko because her mother is unregistered. She does have her sire’s pale eyes and creamy white fur, which she is likely to pass on to her offspring although Fred’s line does have some color in it, and her grand-sire on her mother’s side is a coal black Kiko buck. Unusual colors may very well be hiding in there.


She, like all of the others, was up and running and active within 90 minutes of her easy birth. I’ve got her mother, her yearling half sister from last year, and I’m keeping her twin sister from this year. I am THAT pleased with this doe’s kids. They’re well built, very thrifty, have never had issues with worms, and are very sweet natured. This doe’s yearling sister would probably follow me around the farm like a puppy with horns if not for the mastiff.


Even as a kid you can see the strong, solid frame she’ll have when she grows up. This doe would also lend herself well to a small farm or homestead situation. Kikos are thrifty, hardy, kid easily, mother their kids well, grow rapidly, and pack on a lot of meat with far fewer input calories than other meat breeds. Don’t let their small birth size fool you- they grow FAST. 50lb weanlings are not unusual, although 40 is more common. This doeling also has a lot of colorful goats in her bloodline, with well set horns, well set and shaped udders, plenty of muscle and gentle behavior to go with it. This doeling already has the same widely set horn buds and a clean 2×2 teat structure (two sets of normally shaped teats- it happens quite often in Boers and Boer crosses and as long as those extra teats are correctly shaped it is not considered a fault). She will be properly tagged prior to sale. No I will not remove her horn buds. Unless you are running a commercial dairy (and if you’re buying a meat breed doeling, you’re not) there are no reasons to remove those horns that are more important than the goat’s self defense and ability to regulate heat. I am asking $200 for her. If you purchase the pair, they will be $375.


Owl Hill Farm is located in Park Hall, Maryland. I don’t ship, but I could arrange transport up to 200 miles by road for a small fee. Each doeling will come tagged and collared. $200 each or $375 for the pair. The best way to get more information or to claim one or both doelings is to email the farm manager (that would be me) using the contact form below.

Don’t forget I also have a couple of nice looking bucklings that are being offered for sale as meat prospects. Legally I can only sell you a live animal. I have a good relationship with a local custom processor or I can arrange animal transport to the processor of your choice up to 200 miles. Remember that if you choose to butcher your own meat (perfectly legal in Maryland as long as it’s for your own use) Owl Hill Farm buys back useable hides for tanning into pelts and leather.


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