Updated Goats For Sale!

One of the two doelings originally offered has been claimed. The other is still available and one of the doelings from the second cohort is being offered. One of the bucklings from the first cohort has met my standards and is being offered. Information and pictures below.

First up, there is a buckling from this year’s crop that is growing at an astounding rate, is built *very* nicely, is curious and friendly, and is from parents that have really impressed me. “Peanut” is about 9 weeks old in these pictures and is already a solid 40lbs of healthy, happy, commercial Kiko buckling. I highly recommend him as a commercial sire prospect. He is weaning now and ready to go, tagged and collared. He is $250, firm.


Next, take a look at the two doelings being offered for sale. Both are commercial Kiko/BoKi crosses (3/4 Kiko, 1/4 Boer, the American Meatmaker cross, for those who are wondering) out of two fantastic does. Both doelings are out of attentive mothers who have always kidded easily and raised up twins more often than not. Older doeling has clean 2×2 teats,  younger doeling has clean 1×1 teats. Both are growing out very rapidly and are built strongly with good angles and wide, solid horn sets. Neither mother has ever needed deworming. Neither mother has ever needed help kidding or tending her kids. I recommend both doelings for a commercial herd or a small homestead herd, due to the breed’s legendary parasite tolerance and maternal abilities. The older doeling is ready now, the younger will be ready by Memorial Day weekend, I will hold the older one if you put a deposit on the pair. $200 each, $375 for the pair.

(First two pictures are the older doeling, the third is the younger.)


Please use the contact form below to make any inquiries about these goats, or to ask about the fat and sassy market bucklings currently growing out.


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