Summer is underway!

It’s a business and a busy-ness, I assure you.

In case you missed it, the workshop had a great trial run at Cecil’s Old Mill Craft Fair last month. Everyone wanted to come over and see the Viking tent and look at the trays of shiny things. I’ve already got myself onto one more list and am waiting to hear back from a few other options. More information will be coming your way as it becomes available.

Most of this year’s critter crop is doing splendidly- all of the goat kids are looking fantastic and the new beehives have steady columns of scouts going to and from the hives. If you or someone you know is still looking for a promising young commercial buck, send them the previous post about Peanut the buckling. He’s looking awesome and still just as friendly as he can be! Most of the meat kids have been claimed but there are still a few of them left also. In fact the only sour note on the livestock front is that our Angora rabbit doe lost her litter. They were looking great and growing well and then she, being a first timer, didn’t think to cover them up the one cool night we had. They were too young to be left out in the cool and they all died. It pretty much sucks, but unfortunately it’s also pretty common especially for first time rabbit mommas. She’s recovering quickly and we’ll let her try again very soon.

This is the busy time of year for a lot of maintenance projects. There’s a deck to be painted, weeds to be kept down, grass to be mowed, firewood to gather, and always water to tote and stock to feed. I’m marking promising berry bushes and canes for cloning as we look to expand fruit production next year. On rainy days I’m working to pad my inventory for upcoming vends. There’s beeswax candles and I’m warming up my old chainmaille skills while I try to figure out a way to break and soften pelts that won’t exhaust me or any of my help.

And of course sometimes I have to pause and put my achey knee up for a while and remind the internet that I still exist!

As always, keep an eye on the Calendar tab for upcoming community events. Send me a message or stop by at an event to talk about sustainable agriculture, the polytheist revival, Star Trek, historical handicrafts, heavy metal, or whatever else we’re up to at the time.


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