How it works.

It’s been a tiring, fulfilling, and not coincidentally heathen few days here at the farm. That’s kinda how it works around here.

The local friend who cuts our hay was finally able to make it. Turns out the delay was due entirely to Circumstances Beyond His Control and he wasn’t too thrilled about the damage to his machine either but we’re all mowed and raked and baled and stacked just before the rain hit. Timing. And phone calls. By the time he was able to bale everything the rain was obviously on its way. Bales that get rained on usually rot so you may imagine my panic at the situation, especially having just opened the Very Last Hay Bale that morning to feed the penned buck. But you know what happened? I have some freaking amazing friends is what happened. I called a couple of folks to help out and within the hour I had almost a dozen people (including one already there helping with a massive painting job) who got 160+ bales all stacked up in the hay shelters before a single drop of rain could fall. So I fed them pizza and beer because damn that was a lot of work.

Then we went out to offer an assist (and a company) to the Longship Co. and came back with some fresh ideas for fun and mischief as well as a few leftover steamed crabs. I love living on the Chesapeake. Also, look out Earthweavers, we’re bringing more Heathens this year. You’ll love them. We do.

And then today our brewer showed up with leftover peach pulp just as I was finishing up freezing a batch of squash and while the first batch of pickle relish was just going into jars. Now there’s a batch of peach preserves cooling in jars, too. When I took off from the kitchen it was to go return part of the weekend’s earlier gesture and help relocate a small chicken coop and half a dozen chickens.

Because that’s how it all works.

Tribe pulls together. It’s so much more than just getting together around a fire once a month (although that’s definitely one of my favorite group bonding rituals.) It’s being there to help someone practice for a test, or paint a deck, or move furniture, or celebrate a season, or get the hay up, or get multiple uses out of a batch of fruit, weed the garden, weed another garden, plant a tree (no, I haven’t forgotten you!) and be there when we each need some help.

You can honor the gods and the ancestors and the planet on your own. You really can. You can study history and lore and crafts on your own. You can’t be tribe on your own. Having worked this land and walked this path for so many years without anyone to help, to support, to crack jokes or bottles with, let me tell you it stirs me to my soul to know that you are all here.

Thanks. Hail all y’all.


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