Site Updates

In case you didn’t notice, there have been some major updates to the site here. I’m trying to make it easier to find the farm information and also not subject anyone to posts about Heathen stuff if all they’re looking for is the farm info. In my defense, the two are pretty closely connected.

The home page is now a static welcome page with a basic introduction and a quick run-down of “where’s what” for convenience. Posts are now under the ‘Blog’ tab with an easier to navigate “From the Farm” page listing what’s currently for sale. The Calendar is still on its own tab. There is now a dedicated “Contact Us” tab for any and all inquiries about items and animals and upcoming events.


One thought on “Site Updates

  1. It sounds like you have found your path and place. I am happy to read this, even though I am not commenting on it until after reading your later post. Mind your feet so you keep your path… despite manipulative powers.


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