My family and I own and operate Owl Hill Farm in southern Maryland where we focus on raising quality Kiko and Kiko cross meat goats, free range eggs, a variety of produce, and an even wider variety of handicrafts and professional services.

Owl Hill Farm is the host site for Owl Hill Kindred. We are polytheistic and encourage responsible stewardship of land and face to face community. We’ve been known to describe ourselves as 21st Century Heathens with a fondness for old-fashioned crafts and skills. We are not affiliated with any national organizations.

In case anyone doesn’t remember me, before becoming the Farm Manager at Owl Hill Farm I spent 6 years working in security and law enforcement, ten years as a volunteer EMT, played flute professionally and worked in the public school system as a substitute teacher. Gas doesn’t pay for itself.

I also operate the associated Etsy shop, Horn and Hammer, the Workshop at Owl Hill Farm. That’s where I market a lot of my craft work and it’s where you can purchase Tarot readings online.

Welcome to Owl Hill Farm. It’s where the goats and the magic are.

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