LK Training Services

Owl Hill Farm is the host site for LK Training Services of Southern Maryland, LLC. If you are looking for experienced, professional training that will let you earn your internationally recognized certification in life saving skills, you found the right place.

I own an operate LK Training Services of Southern Maryland, LLC- a proud provider of American Red Cross Training.

I offer classes in CPR (with AED), First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogen Safety. All classes can be hosted here at the farm or at another location of your choosing. Class size is limited to 1 to 15 persons. I pay all American Red Cross processing fees out of the student fee I charge, so there are no sudden surprises. I have also been known to cut some deep discounts in the past for large groups and repeat customers, so don’t be afraid to ask if the total can be negotiated.

Adult and Pediatric CPR (with AED)- $50 per student

First Aid- $50 per student

Adult and Pediatric First Aid and CPR (with AED)- $75 per student

Bloodborne Pathogen Safety- $35 per student

For any questions or to schedule a class, please contact me:

One thought on “LK Training Services

  1. I am down in Georgia and not so much interested in taking one of your classes,because I have medical training from the Army and working on getting into EMT school right now. I just wanted to say that this is AWESOME! I am a new homesteader and the thought never crossed my mind to do something like this until now.


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