Got a question? Check here first, these are the questions I get asked the most.

  1. Can I come visit?– We love visitors! HOWEVER. There are livestock and a guard dog and many tools and processes that could result in injury to the unfamiliar. For your safety- and our sanity- visitors must schedule their visit ahead of time.
  2. Is there a fee to visit?– As of right now, no. We’ll happily put any donations toward the cost of insurance or feed. We hope that we can keep it this way but we make no promises.
  3. Do you sell goat meat?– Legally we can only sell you a live animal as we are not a licensed slaughter or packing facility. We will be happy to connect you with a local custom slaughter operation that comes highly recommended and can even arrange transport of the animal(s) to the facility.
  4. How about rabbit?– Rabbits fall into an interesting exemption that is limited by volume. As long as we never processing more than 2,000 rabbits a year, we can operate under the licensing exemption If you want a nice roasting rabbit all clean and ready to go in the oven, we can do that for you.
  5. Do you sell pet goats?– Not normally. Our goats are livestock, not pets. They’ve been selected for hardiness and fertility, not docile behavior. Once in a blue moon we end up with a goat that, for whatever reason, can not be bred anymore but still has many good healthy years ahead of them. We market them as ‘pasture buddies’ for other animals, rather than as pets for people.
  6. How about rabbits?– Both Silver Fox and Giant rabbits are docile and friendly. They make wonderful pets, if they are handled properly from a very early age. If you are looking for a pet bunny and you want one of ours, let us know ahead of time so that we can work with a few likely candidates to have them well socialized from the get-go. It’ll make everything easier.
  7. Do you sell eggs?- Yes, when we have them. Our flock is free range and properly registered but we are currently maxed out on egg customers. When that changes, we’ll let you know.
  8. Where will you be vending next?– The best way to find us is to watch the Facebook page or watch for announcements here. We try to get that information out as soon as we get it confirmed.
  9. Why did no one answer the phone or return my call?- Unfortunately we have to answer this a lot. For all of the technological advancements in the region, there are some places that still have terrible cell phone reception and Owl Hill Farm is one of them. Eventually most voicemail messages do get delivered but if you didn’t actually leave a number IN THE VOICE MESSAGE then we will have no way of calling you back. Your best bet for a speedy response is to message the farm’s page on Facebook or to use the Contact Us tab on this site.