From the Farm

On this page you will find up to date listings of the products and services available at Owl Hill Farm. For all inquiries and to place any orders please us the “Contact Us” tab in the main menu.

OHF accepts cash, PayPal (we can also take a card through PayPal but it’s annoying and it costs us money), and barter. All of our items change with the seasons, so check back often for updated listings.


We are affiliated with the National Kiko Registry as of July 2017 and are currently processing transfer paperwork for some of our animals. NKR does not register percentage bucks but we may still offer exceptional bucklings as commercial sire prospects. Percentage doelings will be listed here when they are available. Market goats will be listed here as well.


There are no breeding prospects in the 2018 crop.


There is only one breeding quality doeling in the 2018 crop and we’re keeping her.

Market Goats:

Spring 2018 kids  are weaned and on pasture, reservations for market weight are being accepted now! Remember that we can only sell live animals per Maryland’s rules about processing red meat. We are happy to connect you with a local custom slaughter operation that will process your animal to your specifications. Retail customers will have to first contract with a USDA inspected plant and provide their own refrigerated transportation for the processed/packed meat, though we can deliver the animals to your selected facility.


Silver Fox Rabbits

Silver Fox kits are growing out and looking great! We are planning another litter for the end of July.

Giant Crosses

The Giant Cross fryers are in the freezer and available for purchase as whole fryers. There is another litter planned for the end of July.




Take a look at this season’s crop of pelts! They are awesome! Despite a couple of stiff spots- usually around the top of the mane where the skin is thickest- they are the softest, smoothest pelts I’ve managed yet. Prices are in photo captions. Shipping is available anywhere in the US, payment via PayPal or cash for in person purchases.



I have a wide selection of entirely hand crafted Viking knit wire jewelry in stock right now. Take a look through the images and feel free to use the Contact Us form for any questions or to talk about a custom piece.


Other Services

As usual, I can be contacted for the following variety of services:

Divination services via Tarot, rune, or fire reading

House cleansing and/or blessing

Personal energy reading

Life event rituals including (theoretically, I’ve not tested Maryland’s system personally although others in my position have had success) legally binding marriage ceremonies