From the Farm

On this page you will find up to date listings of the products and services available at Owl Hill Farm. For all inquiries and to place any orders please email:

Owl Hill Farm does not accept credit cards, but we are open to cash, personal check (with ID), money order, and barter.

All of our items change with the seasons, so check back often for updated listings.


We are currently taking reservations on kids, most of which are bouncing around the field right now. See posts from March 2017. There are several good meat prospects and even a couple of Lamancha/Kiko crosses that have very nice confirmation and good bone and a very friendly, docile mama which might make good pack goat prospects. I ask $100 per animal no matter what you’re going to do with it because they cost the same amount to raise no matter what you do with them. We don’t trim hooves, medicate, or de-worm unless it becomes necessary, which greatly reduces the amount of unnatural additives potentially present in the meat.

Legally, OHF is only allowed to sell live animals. Once the animal is yours you may do as you like with it under Maryland’s laws. We would be happy to direct you to a local custom slaughter operation that comes highly recommended. Don’t forget: OHF buys back usable (no or only a couple of small holes) hides if you choose to slaughter your own meat.

OHF understands that many people come looking for a goat as a potential pet. Goats make wonderful pets, but Kiko goats have not been bred to be pets. They all still have their horns and the breed is known for its clever escape attempts and general hardiness, rather than docility.

Laying Hens

The girls are starting to lay regularly again and we expect to have Grade A large and extra large free range eggs available by mid-March 2017. Eggs are $4/dozen.

The replacement hens are here! They are doing that cute fluffy baby chicken thing where they shriek constantly and grow at astonishing rates. .


There is currently a selection of historically inspired, professional quality Viking Weave jewelry available through The Spider’s Mask on Etsy, our associated online store. Go take a look at it!

Other Services

As usual, I can be contacted for the following variety of services:

Divination services via Tarot, rune, or fire reading

House cleansing and/or blessing

Personal energy reading

Life event rituals including (theoretically, I’ve not tested Maryland’s system personally although others in my position have had success) legally binding marriage ceremonies